This game is for free and can be played in the browser and also downloadable for Windows and Mac.

Search for hidden hearts in a mysterious subterranean world in Heartreasure 2: Underground, available now!

Fans of the original Heartreasure will love this new entry in the series, whose expressive ballpoint art and charming music draws you into its picture-book world and invites you to live there for a while.

What is 'Heartreasure' ?

'Heartreasure' is a charming and simple puzzle game!

All you have to do is search for the hearts hidden in the picture and click on them.

You can move around by clicking and dragging. In order to find even more hearts, you'll have to click on the colored hearts and solve the puzzles to make your way deeper underground with more treasures for you to find.

There are 50 hearts hidden in the picture - how many can you find?



Team Heartreasure: asaha, mamiko, nettaigyo

Illustration: asaha   Music: Monet   English Translation : Samuel Allen


Previous Heartreasure can be played following link.


PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(73 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Cute, easy, Fantasy, japan, search, Simple


Download 54 MB
Download 57 MB


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this was so fun to solve! i love finding the small details, an the artwork is just a chef's kiss. beautiful!

loved it, had a lot of fun <3 


whew this game is hard
i got 41/50 so far

How do I clear the rat burglar? I clicked on two places then the screen said it was clear but then I couldn't get the 4th scene?

Nvm, im just dumb

i really love the art style and the small animations, enjoyed playing it 

Hi! We played your game on our stream and really enjoyed it!

Both games are so much fun. I really enjoyed myself. The music was just great, is there a link to Megumi's music? Fantastic job to you and entire team

Are you going to make a third one? Just asking because I really like these games and there are really no others like it. you dont have to make another one just asking. :)

Found all the hearts! Really fun game

Such fun and cute art that you really get to admire when searching for the last few hearts lol

Thanks for such an awesome game! :)

Very relaxing hidden object game. You did a great job at mixing puzzles in the pictures to find the hearts. Keep up the good work! 


Oh god this is going to break me for a second time


I adore the graphics and the music! I also would like to know whether megumi has a web site where i can listen more of her music.

I second the idea of a clue/hint button.  In fact, i thought that the question mark button at the top was a clue button and i would not try to press it until i had two more hearts to complete the game.  I was wrong….

Nonetheless, i managed to complete it and i am very happy about this!

I love this game, and I love the music. I tried to find megumi on SoundCloud or anywhere, but with no luck. Is there somewhere where I can find their music? Really lovely stuff.
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I was able to play the original HeartTreasure, but I can't get Hearttreasure2 to start.   I can get to the page where it says 'Game Start' and the fingers pointing to the heart, but when I click on the heart, nothing happens.  I tried downloading it to see if that worked, but it still didn't.

Can you tell me what kinds of Browser you used when you play it?

I was on Chrome on my laptop.   I keep Chrome up to date.


It took me exactly 1 hour, but I finally have 50/50! These are always such a pleasure to play. I was unlucky enough that my last 5 hearts were pretty evenly distributed between the areas, so only in the last stretch I started clearing any of them, but I guess that's also an indication of how balanced this is.


Thank you for your playing and congrats on finding them all!  I think 1 hour is so fast. Great job!

Managed to get them all by leaving and coming back to it over the day. Adorable and charming art. The textures give me the feel of something drawn in permanent marker on a big roll of craft paper. I particularly loved the little puzzles. (Rat burglar was my favourite)

Thank you for your playing and comments! I'm happy that you enjoyed the puzzles.

This is lovely. Reminds me of Hidden Folks. I got close to finding all the hearts... it's tough, the hearts are sneaky & really know how to hide. :) 


Thank you for playing and making the video. I hope you'll find the rest of the hearts soon!


50/50 ! ^o^ Great game ! The visuals are very beautiful, cute, and fun, the gameplay mechanics are good too, and the music fits the game really well ! 

Thank you for playing and your comments. Congrats on finding them all!

48/50 aahh just two more

Thank you for playing! I hope you'll find them soon!

Very good game!  It just lacks a save function.... Maybe for the 3rd episode?   :-)

Thank you for playing! I will consider it, if we  make the 3rd one!

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Great game! We've posted a full playthrough video with all hearts collected on's YouTube channel:

Thank you for playing and posting the video! I hope more people will enjoy this game through watching it.

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fgnfjidngrfdgregreni Found 46/50. This thing is tough lol

Thank you for playing! Just hang on a little more!

Beautiful game! I love the art and the music! Great work! Keep it up! 


Thank you for playing!

Hii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The idea of the game is pretty original and fun.

-The gameplay mechanics are quite nice and fit totally the theme of the game, I loved how the puzzles work and some of the ideas you've thrown into the game.

-Visually the game is amazing, I love the and drawn style on it ^^

-I would add a "clue/hint" button to appear if you haven't found a heart in 3 minutes or so.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)



Thank you for playing and making the video. The feedback is also helpful for our development. 
We'll consider "clue/hint" button when we'll develop the next one.

Good to hear ^^, you are welcome :D

These are so clever and fun!  Though at 41/50, boy do I wish there were a hint system...

Thank you for playing! Sorry, there isn't the hint system yet.